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Genaro Ortiz Jr

For almost 30 Years, Newark has had its very own Batman. Police officer Genaro Ortiz Jr., a former Newark police detective, has been the Bat for a while now.


Genaro Ortiz Jr

A Newark police officer since 1989, Genaro’s work with children began in 1991, when he dressed as Batman for a Halloween school safety program. Since then, he has participated in many speaking programs, warning children about the dangers of drugs and weapons and teaching them how to handle emergency situations. He spent five years with Newark Police Department’s Truancy Task Force before becoming a detective. Genaro also participates in charity and community events.
By day, the city resident drives a patrol car, teaches crime prevention classes, and helps run a police explorer program for teens and young adults. But by night (or whenever the occasion demands it), Ortiz suits himself up into a 40-pound Batman costume and becomes the Caped Crusader.
Ortiz, who has masqueraded as Batman for more than 30 years, is famous for his numerous appearances at schools all over city and charity events across the state.

Holy Hero


It’s not easy—or cheap—being a superhero. Just ask Newark police detective Genaro Ortiz Jr., who for eighteen years has donned a Batman suit to speak in front of schools and community groups about issues like Halloween street safety.
Kids go wild when Ortiz roars up in his customized black Camaro and steps out of its gull-wing doors. He makes about 200 appearances each year on behalf of the police department at holiday and block parties, and police and charity events.
A lifelong Newark resident, Ortiz, 45, has made Batman an obsession—right down to his Batman-themed e-mail and the hold music on his phone. Ortiz estimates he has spent about $4,000 on the costume and $35,000 to trick out his Batmobile (which he drives for personal use) with rims, lights, airbrushed details, and BATMAN vanity plates.

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On February 25, 2024, a devastating car accident took the life of 13-year-old Edwin Martinez, a student at Park Elementary School, and left Isai Barraza hospitalized in critical condition.
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